Autodesk Subscription Letters

Autodesk Subscription Letters

in Autodesk July 9, 2015

Autodesk  are currently sending out letters to customers who have not renewed their Autodesk subscriptions.  It serves as a useful reminder both for customers who have renewed their subscription about the benefits that come as part of the subscription, and a checklist of what needs to be done if a subscription has ended and has not been renewed.  It also highlights the importance of removing unwanted or unlicensed software, and how to go about doing this.

Previous version use allows users to have up to 3 previous versions of the same product on the same workstation or laptop, so if you have installed the 2016 version you are also able to install and use 2015, 2014 & 2013 versions on the same machine.  This option is not available to users who do not have a current subscription.  Iif this is your situation, you need to upgrade to the latest version that you are entitled to and uninstall all older versions. Only the most up to date version can remain installed.   The ability to have different versions of programmes installed through the subscription is particularly useful for Revit users who could be working on several projects, using different versions of Revit.  

Home use licence is a very useful benefit for subscription users as it allows the users to also install the software on a 2nd home workstation or laptop.  This allows users to access programmes while at home or away from their main place of work.

Users without a current subscription need to uninstall any 2nd or home use installations from PCs or laptops.

Software removal
The best way to remove software is to use the uninstall tool found within the control panel as this will remove all aspects of the installation.  Deleting the icon from your desktop or deleting the software from the programs folders is not sufficient to remove all associated information.  Some of this can be stored across many directories, including registries alongside sensitive system information.

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