Sage 200 Insights: Supplier Payment Processing Part 2

Sage 200 Insights: Supplier Payment Processing Part 2

in Sage January 12, 2018

 Hi everyone and welcome to another of our specialist Sage Insights articles, our series of videos and user guides that we produce to help enhance your Sage experience. This week's user guide is the second part of our two-part user guide on the processes users can use to process supplier payments.

In Part 1 the user guide covered the "Ad-hoc selection of invoices to be paid" which is only used for paying a single supplier at a time. This week will focus on the payment of “suggested” invoices based on due dates of purchase invoices which can be used to pay both a single supplier or multiple suppliers at a time. 

As a general rule for both methods, it should be noted that remittances advice can only ever be reprinted for the last payment made to a supplier (and in some instances, explained further below, not at all). 

Also, before making supplier payments you should ensure:

  • All Pending transactions have been updated.
  • All payments and credits have been allocated.

Payment of “Suggested Invoices” Based on Due Date

1. Go to Purchase Ledger > Period End Routines > Payment Processing.

2. Run Delete Suggested Payments.

Note:  After Delete Suggested Payments has been run for a supplier, it will not be possible to re-print the last remittance advice (therefore you should only select “Delete all suggested supplier payments” if all remittance advice for the last payment run have been printed/saved).

3. Run Generate Suggested Payments.

    • Enter the date the payment(s) are to be made in Remittance Date.
      • This date is printed on the remittance advice and cheques.
      • The transactions that are included in the file are determined by comparing the Remittance date with the transaction due date.
    • Enter the number of days overdue by which invoices should be selected. For example:
      • 0 – all due invoices shall be selected
      • 30 – all invoices that are 30 days or more overdue (i.e. 30 days have passed since the due date) shall be selected.
      • -30 all invoices are that fall due within the next 30 days (i.e. the due date is no more than 30 days into the future).
    • If you would like to include all invoices which have settlement discount, irrespective of the due date (i.e. to ensure you earn the discount), then select the box.
4. Press OK.

5. If a suggested payments file has already been generated, choose whether you want to replace the existing file or not.

IMPORTANT – It will not be possible to re-print remittance notes from the previous payment run after this step. Therefore you should ensure that all remittances from the previous payment run have been printed prior to removing the existing suggested payments file.

6. Print the Suggested Payments Report. This report will list all invoices that Sage “suggests” should be paid. Review this list, and note any invoices that you do not wish to pay (or only wish to part pay). If there are any invoices on the Suggested Payments Report that you do not want to pay in full:

  • Run Amend Suggested Payments.
  • Select the supplier you wish to pay in the A/C Ref field.
  • You will be displayed with a list of outstanding invoices of that supplier. All those which are included in the Suggested Payments file will have an amount in the Payment column.
  • Amend as necessary:
    • To remove a transaction marked for payment, set the Payment value to zero.
    • To change the amount of the invoice to be paid, change the Payment value.
    • To add or change the discount applied to the invoice, change the Discount value.
  • To remove the supplier from this suggested payments file, click Pay None.
  • Once you have made the necessary amendments, press “Save”.
  • Repeat as necessary for all Suppliers.

7. Run Report Suggested Payments This will print the Suggested Payments File (i.e. a list of invoices to be paid) – and will include any amendments made.

8. Run Generate Payments. Select whether you’d like to pay only a single supplier or multiple suppliers

  • Single supplier – select which supplier you’d like to pay.
  • Multiple suppliers – select which Payment Group you’d like to pay. All suppliers in the Suggested Payment file who are members of that Payment Group will be paid.
  • Enter the date of the payment in the “Remittance Date” and “Allocation Date” fields (note it is important to enter payment date in both these fields).
  • If paying by cheque, enter the cheque number (of the first payment, if paying multiple suppliers).
  • Enter any required reference in the “Second ref” field.
  • Select which Cash Book account you are making the payment from.
  • Press OK.

9, The payment will then be processed.

  • All invoices included within the Suggested Payments File (as amended) will be paid for the selected suppliers.
  • Remittance advice (and cheques, if relevant) will be printed for each supplier being paid.
  • Your cash book account and supplier accounts will be updated with the payment. The payment will automatically be allocated to the selected invoices.
  • If using E-Banking, your e-banking screen will appear (from which you will save the CSV file for import to your e-banking software). 

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