Check this Out!

Check this Out!

in SolidWorks November 1, 2017

As Engineers we’re known to be somewhat protective of our CAD files. SOLIDWORKS PDM appreciates this bond; it’s life mission is to keep them safe and organised after all but what happens when a well intending colleague makes a change that just shouldn’t have been made and overwrites the original. Can PDM save the day?

Here’s my CAD file:

It may not look much but without these control knobs attached to my BBQ grill weekends just wouldn’t be the same. It’s a culmination of precision sizing and functional simplicity.

You can therefore imagine my dismay when I find my file was accidently updated by a colleague resulting in dimensions being changed and components being added:

Firstly, don’t panic and don’t strike him/her from the Christmas card list just yet either. PDM is used to dealing with situations like this every day. In fact, you’re only 2 mouse clicks from retrieving your original file.

In the PDM task pane click on the versions tab and bask in the realisation that PDM is keeping versions of your file each time it is changed and checked back into the vault regardless of revision.

Upon selecting my originally created file the control knob assembly is reverted to how I modelled it.

One last thing! To use this fantastic time travel tool your vault must have the option ‘Always work with the latest version of files’ disabled. This option is found in the Vault administration tool so will require the Vault administrator to make the change.

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