New System Options Available in SOLIDWORKS 2018

New System Options Available in SOLIDWORKS 2018

in SolidWorks March 9, 2018

In this blog, we will look at a range of additional customisable options found within SOLIDWORKS 2018. Some of these options may only be small visual aspects but can still have a positive impact on your production levels. Other options are more prominent and due to the inclusion of new features within SOLIDWORKS 2018.

For this blog, we will start off with an option which will require you to sign into your Customer Portal Account. If you are unsure what a ‘Customer Portal Account’ is or what all the benefits of having an account are (which is free to create), you can find more information by clicking HERE. Once you have an account you can click this log-in icon at the top right of SOLIDWORKS and sign into your account.


Once you have signed into your account, you can navigate to the SOLIDWORKS options by clicking either of the two icons below, which will bring up the Options and is where the remainder of this blog will take place within. When navigating the different categories within here, any change in categories will be highlighted in bold and will be working under the tab “System Options” at the top, unless stated otherwise.

 If you navigate to Synchronize settings this is where you can tell SOLIDWORKS to save any settings (System Options, File Locations or Customizations) which you have altered or selected and store them in the cloud via your customer portal account. This is perfect for those of you who work on multiple machines as this eliminates the need for you to manually make sure that your settings are the same on all machines that you use. You’ll only have to be signed into your account for them to be transferred back and forth. You even have the option of having SOLIDWORKS automatically synchronize, or you can manually upload and download your settings with the click of a button.

 The next couple of options which I would like to draw your attention to are found under General, and include “Show latest Technical Alerts and News in Welcome dialog”. These options show important information in the new SOLIDWORKS 2018 welcome screen regarding new releases such as an early version of Service Pack 2.0 being available in the image below. However, I would not recommend installing an “Early Visibility” version on a machine out with a test environment. Information on maintenance periods, critical issues, etc can also be found here as they are posted.

While still under the General section I would also recommend having the “SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Improvement Program” turned ON. This will allow us to gather additional information should you ever have an issue/crash where a Log file or additional information could assist us in resolving.

Should any of you be using a high-resolution display (such as a 4K or UHD monitor) sometimes certain selections could be difficult with small components, edges or vertices. This is where the option “Enhance selection on high-resolution monitors” under Selection should come in handy.

With the inclusion of the ability to create misaligned concentric mates in SOLIDWORKS 2018, there also comes the option to restrict this ability, should an individual or organisation not require it. The option to disable this can be found under Assemblies and can be seen below. All you need to do is untick this option and you will no longer be able to create these types of mates.

 With the Assemblies section still open, you can also have SOLIDWORKS automatically update any out of date speedpak configurations continually by selecting “ALL” so they are always updated when you save the file. You can also have only those marked “With Rebuild on Save Mark” be updated, or if you don’t want these to update you can select “None”, which can be seen in the screenshot above. If you wish to learn more about SpeedPak assemblies and how these can be used to speed up performance you can find more information on the SOLIDWORKS help page HERE.

For those of you who love your touchscreen devices whether that be a phone, tablet or touch screen enabled PC, you will hopefully be enjoying the new touch capabilities of SOLIDWORKS 2018. With these capabilities, we have a new options category called Touch, which as of now allows you to swap between left and right-handed input to determine which side of a windows any menus will appear.


As with all recent major releases of SOLIDWORKS, the ability to both import and export different file formats is expanding. This year we now can control options for Importing STEP, IGES or ACIS formats. Noting that you may need to be in the respective environment (part/assembly/drawing) for some options to appear.

 Several other new options are available such as the ability to Preserve or Transferring settings between Hole Wizard hole types under Hole Wizard/Toolbox, or the ability to hide or show the “Graphics Bodies” folder from the feature manager design tree which is found under FeatureManager.

Should you find when performing SOLIDWORKS operations that yourself and a colleague get different results, despite using the same workflow, it may be a good idea to look at what settings you are using that are related to the feature you are using. You can even use the “Search Options” in the top right-hand corner if you can’t remember where a particular option is.

And to finish off this article, although not new by any means you can reset your settings back to default using the “Reset…” button at the bottom. With this button you can reset all settings or only the settings for the page that you are currently on. Should this ever fail, there is a more complex reset involving editing the Windows registry, although this is not something the average user should be performing, so you can always get in touch with us should you have a settings related issue.

Hopefully, a number of these options will be useful for some of you and expand the ever-growing number of customisable options within SOLIDWORKS.
Should you have any question please feel free to get in touch with us at

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