Virtual Testing Question of the week

Virtual Testing Question of the week

in SolidWorks January 31, 2020

How safe is your design?

What happens if your design fails? – Would there be any consequences?

What tools do you have to ensure safety?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation lets us see where and how a part will fail before even making a prototype :


Despite this there are still many real life accidents that happen.  Some products are risky :

See video here :

Whilst some products are designed well but can become overloaded by an unforeseen loads in the real world :
( Would you have foreseen this load?)

“Loving couples engraved Padlocks collapse Paris Bridge”


Final Question :
Would you ever sky dive with only a single parachute and no reserve chute?

So why design with only one safety fallback?

Rollercoaster designers frequently add a seat belt to their pull down bars just in case the mechanism fails.




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