Welcome to SOLIDWORKS 2015. See what’s new!

Welcome to SOLIDWORKS 2015. See what’s new!

in SolidWorks September 9, 2014

Life’s certainties: death, taxes and, finally a good one to balance out the list, the annual SOLIDWORKS software release! Every new SOLIDWORKS release has one similarity in mind: our users. Without you, there is no software, there is no progress, and sadly, for everyone, the world misses out on the amazing products that you create in SOLIDWORKS – not to mention all the great times to be had at SOLIDWORKS World.
When developing our software we follow one simple rule: You talk, we listen. In SOLIDWORKS 2015 this formula has resulted in more than 200 new enhancements with 90 percent of functionality directly resulting from customer feedback. Again, without the community, there is no SOLIDWORKS. For that reason, we put in countless hours to provide you with the productivity gains that reduce rework and paperwork and give you more time to do what you love: design.
Here are a handful of the top user-requested features and enhancements included in SOLIDWORKS 2015:

Improve Everyday Productivity

Focus On Design, Not Modelling with new features that reduce geometry creation steps. 
Simulate Multiple Design Scenarios – Quickly evaluate the effects of various load combinations on a model and track results.
Optimize Work Processes
Collaborative Sharing– By easily accessing social collaboration and online data management tools, users benefit from faster development and quicker decision making.
SOLIDWORKS Treehouse– Top-down design is facilitated by visually creating assemblies, enabling product structures to be managed from the beginning of design projects.
Reduce Operations Costs SOLIDWORKS
Model Based Definition – Anew offering to help improve communication between design and manufacturing teams by enabling them to communicate product and manufacturing information (PMI) in 3D.
Integrated Inspection – The process of creating documentation is simplified, allowing users to quickly set up and compare baseline data to production parts for quality control.
Solve More Design Challenges
Enhance Product Aesthetics and Usability – Creating asymmetrical fillets for parts, assemblies and surfaces gives users in the high tech, medical and consumer products industries increased flexibility to model more ergonomic and stylized designs.
With an easy-to-use, integrated 3D development environment that includes 3D design, simulation, electrical design, product data management and technical communication, SOLIDWORKS 2015 enables designers and engineers to shorten design cycles, increase productivity and deliver innovative products to market faster than ever.
Further, it’s easier than ever to connect with the more than 2,000,000 strong SOLIDWORKS user community. Got questions? Get answers at MySolidWorks: the web-based destination connecting you with all things SOLIDWORKS including 10+ hours of no-cost learning. We’ll continue to update you on new features on our blog and take a deeper dive into SOLIDWORKS 2015 technology on our Tech blog.
Be sure to visit our Facebook page and YouTube channel to learn more about products, features and to access tutorials. Please take some time to explore the SOLIDWORKS 2015 launch site and discover how SOLIDWORKS provides the tools to master your entire design process, from concepts to modeling, testing, communication and collaboration.

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