What is the SOLIDWORKS Rx tool and how can it help?

What is the SOLIDWORKS Rx tool and how can it help?

in SolidWorks July 13, 2020

Have you ever wondered if there is a quick and easy way to see what is going on with your machine and how it is configured with SOLIDWORKS? Well believe it or not, there is a tool that is designed to do just that and more…..

The SOLIDWORKS Rx tool is great way of checking that your machine is configured the best it can be to gain the optimum performance for SOLIDWORKS. So, if something doesn’t seem to be working quite right, it may be a good place to start looking. But first, let’s look at how it can help us out.

Now a great place to start is always, where can I access this tool. Well that’s an easy one, simply go to your windows start menu, search for ‘Rx’ and you should see the application SOLIDWORKS Rx 20XX appear. If you have multiple versions installed on your machine, you will have an Rx tool for each version that is installed.

Once you have launched the Rx tool, below is the screen you will be greeted with and this is where the useful tools begin. Let’s start with ‘Launch SOLIDWORKS in software OpenGL mode’ located near the bottom of the window.


This option is a great place to start if you believe that you may be having an issue that relates to your graphics. This option bypasses the hardware acceleration carried out by your graphics card and carries it out at an application level. This therefore pinpoints if the issue is related to either your graphics card or driver.

The second form of safe mode that can be utilised is the option to open SOLIDWORKS whilst bypassing your custom options settings. Once again this is a real useful option if you are unsure if what you are experiencing is an option related issue (i.e. an option selected by accident) or if it is an application issue that you are seeing.

The next useful section within the Rx tool is the ‘Diagnostics’ tab located along the top of the window. This tab pulls all the useful information from your machine to ensure that it is compatible with the version of SOLIDWORKS that you are running. Not only that but it will inform you if your graphics driver needs updating, along with providing a link for you to download the up to date one. This is a great place to start when troubleshooting an issue with your SOLIDWORKS installation.

If you still can’t figure out the issue with your installation, or if it does not appear to be a graphics related issue, the ‘Problem Capture’ tab is one more tool that may be of use. This tab allows you to capture critical data from your SOLIDWORKS session into one tidy little .zip file. Not only does it package up information, but it also allows you to create a little screen recording of the issue that you are having.  But why does this help? Well this file can be sent to your VAR which will aid them in troubleshooting the issue you’re experiencing; it has a tonne of information about what’s going on in the background along with your recording.x tool for each version that is installed.


One of the bonuses of the Rx tool from SOLIDWORKS 2020 onwards is that it now has integrated capabilities with SOLIDWORKS Composer and SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

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