Sage 200 Insights: How To Use the Audit Trail Workspace

Sage 200 Insights: How To Use the Audit Trail Workspace

in Sage March 21, 2018

Sage Insights: Using Workspaces – The Audit Trail List

Note: Based on Sage 200 versions 2015 onwards (screenshots from v2016)

The Audit Trail List Workspace in Sage 200 allows the user to utilise a wide range of tools to track down specific transactions to give you a better understanding of how they get posted. It allows the user to determine key information from transactions such as:
• which nominal accounts were affected,
• which period the transaction was posted to,
• who posted the transaction,
• and what was the currency exchange rate used.

Accessing the Audit Trail List Workspace: 

1. The workspace can be accessed from Workspaces > Nominal Ledger > Audit Trail List.

2. Customise the visible columns by right-clicking on the column headers and either selecting Add Column to the Left/Right or the Column Selector. Select the columns you want to add to the Audit Trail List workspace and then click OK.


3. Once you have entered the columns into Sage 200 the workspace allows you to easily search for particular data by configuring the columns to show specific information. For example, you could search for transactions with a certain cost centre or department code.


4. Additional you can apply a filter to add another layer of complexity to your search. To create a filter in the workspace navigate Filter: No Filtering > Create New Filter. To apply a filter again navigate to Filter: No Filtering and select the filter you desire. How complex these filters depend on the conditions the user sets.

5. Once the desired transactions have been found the Sage 200 Workspace allows you to either Print or Export the transaction into Excel. All desired transactions must be selected by ticking the tick box before either clicking Print or Export action buttons at the top of the workspace or right clicking and selecting between the same two options.

I hope this great tool helps you find all your postings. Thank you for reading our blog post and make sure to check back for more Sage Insights articles every month! 


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