AutoCAD - Doing the Layer Walk

AutoCAD - Doing the Layer Walk

in Autodesk September 20, 2017

AutoCAD Tips &Tricks – Using the Layer Walk tool.

Working with layers in AutoCAD can be tedious!  Although layers help make our drawings more manageable and easy to read, if you end up with dozens or even hundreds of layers to work with it can become hard to know which objects are assigned to which layer.
The Layer Walk tool is a little gem which allows us to easily sift through the layer list and visually see the objects lying on each individual layer. 
The tool is found in the extended toolbar of the layer panel or can be activated by typing “LAYWALK” into your command line. 


When the tool is activated a pop-up appears on screen. In here you can see the full list of layers in the drawing as well as a total amount. When it is first launched, all of the layers will be selected but as you click on the layer names you will notice that AutoCAD hides anything not assigned to that layer. 
In the example below you can see the “A-Z0242-M-Gridlines” layer is highlighted, therefore the only objects showing are the Gridlines. 


When you double click on a layer it ‘holds’ the filter so that you can select multiples, or alternatively you can use the CTRL and SHIFT key to multi-select. 
You can also use the “Select Object” button giving you the option of filtering the layers depending on a particular object. 
The purge button highlighted allows you to purge out any existing layers that don’t currently have any objects assigned to them. 


Leaving the “Restore on Exit” button ticked means that once you close the dialogue box any of the settings you have applied will be lost. Remember this is meant as a temporary search and find tool to discover which objects are on which layer.  If you want to make permanent adjustments to control the visibility of layers are you should still use the “ON/OFF” or “FREEZE/THAW” options. 


Hope you enjoyed this AutoCAD Tip! 


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