Revit 2018.2 New Features

Revit 2018.2 New Features

in Autodesk November 1, 2017

Revit 2018.2 New Features

Revit 2018.2 was released in October and contains lots of enhancements for Architects, MEP Engineers and Structural Engineers. All the new features have come directly from Revit Users' wishlists and suggestions (see our previous article on how to get your own ideas included).  The changes promise to improve workflow as well as making designing easier and increasing productivity.  Here are some of the features worth looking for.

Project Browser

Now when you right click within the Project Browser you will notice some new options available – Expand Selected, Expand All, Collapse Selected and Collapse All. The options will differ depending on where about in the Project Browser you right click and they have been added to help increase your productivity by making it easier to navigate through your views, sheets, schedules and families.

Family File Paths

With Revit 2018.2 when you load a family from the Load Family button and browse to a folder location, the next time you go to load another family, Revit will remember the location of the family you loaded last rather than going back to the default folder.  

Updated Fill Patterns Dialog

There have been several updates for the Fill Pattern Dialog with the first being that the dialog itself is now resizable and it will also remember the size you set it to for the next time you launch it. There is also now a search function within the dialog so that you can search for the pattern you need rather than having to scroll and find it. We can now delete multiple patterns at once using the CTRL and SHIFT keys. Lastly, if you work with custom patterns and .pat files you may have had bother with scaling in the past, now you can use the “import scale” value to change the scale directly within the Pattern Properties Dialog.

Improved Section Box Controls

You are probably already aware of how difficult it can be sometimes trying to grab the tiny nodes that control the size of your section box if there are Revit Elements lying underneath. Now the controls have been improved so that your cursor will prioritise and snap to the control nodes of the section box before grabbing anything else in the vicinity.

We hope this is a useful insight into a few of the additional features included in the Revit 2018.2 release, we'll be looking at specific discipline specific updates in upcoming articles. 


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