Top 3 Add Ons for Sage 200C

Top 3 Add Ons for Sage 200C

in Sage June 27, 2018

Sage 200C offers companies a flexible Enterprise Resource Planning solution which allows users to manage customers, finances and business intelligence. For most companies, Sage 200C is flexible and advanced enough to accommodate all their business requirements but sometimes our clients' requirements exceed its capabilities.Thankfully, Sage has a healthy library of third-party add-ons to enhance Sage 200C to meet their requirements. Take a look at three of the most commonly used add-ons amongst our clients and see if they are right for your company!.  


Sicon Cash Flow Manager

Sicon have been developing add-ons for Sage and Sage 200 software for over 20 years so as you can imagine they know their stuff. One of their most popular enhancements for Sage 200 is the Cash Flow Manager that allows companies to design their own cash flow formats including bank accounts, invoices, orders, nominal and ad-hoc spending. Making use of an intuitive drag and drop interface, users can adjust income and expenditure to reflect expected cash impact without amending document due dates. For more information on this enhancement take a look at our in-depth blog post

Eureka Plus Pack

Eureka is a Five-Time Award-Winning Sage Customer Solutions Partner of the Year and are specialists in developing add-ons for Sage 200C. So much so that they have an add-on, called Eureka PLus Pack,  that consists of over 80 different Sage 200 enhancements that can benefit your business. 5 notable enhancements featured in this add-on include:

  • Retail Stock Transfer - Process stock transfers between branches or warehouses 1000% faster than in standard Sage 200.
  • Back to Back Orders - Automatically create purchase orders from a sales order or vice versa. 
  • Sales Order Profit Warning - Displays a warning when an individual stock item or product group profit falls below a specified margin during sales order entry. 
  • Warehouse Shortfall - Recommends stock that needs reordered based on warehouse levels and can create the purchase order. Can also take into account unallocated Sales Orders. 
  • Sales Receipt to Multiple Accounts - Allows a single customer receipt to be allocated across multiple sales ledger accounts. 

With so many enhancements you can rest assured that  Eureka Plus Pack is one of the first add-ons you want to install. 

Codis Excelerator for Sage 200 

Most companies today are likely to be using or to have used Microsoft Excel at one point or another with most of us using it without really thinking about it. Codis Excelerator allows users to harness the versatility of Microsoft Excel by allow users to edit and create invoices, purchase orders, stock items and so much more from a simple and easy to user interface. Its so quick and easy to use that Keith Brown, Head of Technical Services at YHA, said that it saved over 10 days of company time within the first month implementation. Sound too good to be true? Take a look at their website for more testimonials.

So there you have it! Our overview of the 3 Add-ons that our clients use the most.  If you would like to know more about each of these add-ons or you would like to discuss implementing one of these add-ons to your current version of Sage then please do not hesitate to contact us. For everything Sage please make sure to check back every week for more Sage news, blog posts and user guides. 



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