TMS is partnering with Document Data Group

TMS is partnering with Document Data Group

in Sage September 28, 2018

Central to all business is the timely and efficient flow of data and information. Document data group focus on streamlining and automating processes to make your business more productive and profitable. Our core criteria are understanding requirements, demonstrating knowledge and instigating positive change for clients.

Our expertise lie in two main areas Print Management and Document Management.

Print Management

Document Data Group offers a variety of high quality, tried and tested print solutions that allow you to get the most out of your print equipment and software.  All our solutions include automatic toner replenishment and automatic metre readings, this way you should never run out of toner and never pay estimated bills.

We offer a Free Print Audit to all companies analysing your current print fleet and providing recommendations to improve efficiency and primarily reduce costs. On average we can save a company up to 30% of their print costs.  Book your audit today, you have nothing to lose, its free!

Document Management

In this fast-paced business world, Document Management plays a vital role. Gone are the days of having an office submerged in paperwork with multiple filing cabinets or paying for offsite storage facilities and the gruesome time-consuming task of trying to find that individual document.

It’s time to embrace the digital technologies that will improve access while also ensuring increased security in a world plagued by hackers and ransomware attacks.

We at Document Data Group are delighted to have partnered with TMS and look forward to meeting with customers in the near future. 

Events & Seminars

We host a wide range of events throughout Scotland.

The training courses are held in our offices in Larbert & Aberdeen, but can be on-site at your own premises if preferred.

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