Is your Sage 200 "End of Life"?

Is your Sage 200 "End of Life"?

in Sage October 8, 2018

It is common practice within the IT industry to withdraw support for software versions that use technology that is no longer supported by the provider and Sage is no different. Recently Sage has announced that both Sage 200 2013 R1 and 2013 R2 will be classified as “End of Support products” from 01 November 2018. Furthermore Sage 200 2015 will also be entering “Extended support” as of 01 November with all support from Sage for this version ending on the 30th September 2019.

Why is Sage doing this?

Sage believes that using the latest software is the best way for them to help their customers to run their business effectively and by concentrating our resources on looking forward, they can help businesses move forward too.

They also want to ensure to continue being able to continue to offer the best level of support for each software version that they can. Sage want us you to be able to reach technical experts with the right level of knowledge to answer your questions quickly.


What is the difference between ‘Mainstream Support’, ‘Extended Support’ and ‘End of Support’?


Mainstream Support

Extended Support

End of Support

Product available for sale New licence sales are withdrawn from sale once the product enters extended support & beyond.

Additional Users and Companies Licence sales of additional users & companies are still available during extended support and end of support.

Additional Modules Licence sales of modules are no longer available.

Enable strings Sage 200 systems require an annual enable string to function, which we provide subject to the Sage 200 Services Annual License Plan being in place and paid for via the linked Business Partner.

Technical Support For customers with a valid support contract, we provide their Business Partner with access to technical support (no support is provided directly to these customers).

Developer Support Is offered to BP's and customers who are members of the Sage 200 Developers Programme.

Legislative Updates Are provided by Sage to maintain legal / fiscal compliance.

Hot fixes / Bug fixes / Patches / Service packs Are provided for recognised defects in line with the defect resolution process.

Defect log Is open

Ideas Hub Is open

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