How to run a year-end procedure in Sage 200

How to run a year-end procedure in Sage 200

in Sage February 26, 2020

The year-end routine in Sage 200 prepares the Nominal Ledger for the new financial year. The routine will zero out the balance of all profit & loss accounts and post the balancing amount as a journal entry to the nominated Balance Sheet Accumulated Profit account.

Other impacts of running the year-end routine are:

  • The year to date balance of all accounts is carried forward (for Balance Sheet accounts) or set to zero (for P&L accounts). 
  • The period number of all Financials modules is set to 1.

Before Running the Year-End Routine – Considerations
Once you run the year-end routine, you will only be able to make postings that affect prior year balances using the Previous Year Journal Entry routine. This routine can only make posting to the Nominal ledger – it is not possible to make postings to prior year Purchase or Sales Ledgers. The Previous Year Journal Entry routine will however correctly recalculate opening balances of all Nominal Ledger accounts.

Before Running the Year-End Routine – Steps to Take

You should perform the following:

  • Take a back-up before running the year-end.
  • Check that the default Accumulated Profit nominal account (Nominal Ledger >Utilities > Ledger Set Up >Default Nominal Accounts > Balance Sheet tab) is correct.
  • Check that the Nominal Ledger > Utilities > Ledger Set-up > Ledger Settings > Defaults tab > Keep Nominal Transactions and Archive Transactions after this period checkboxes have been ticked.


  • Close all Accounting periods for all Sage 200 modules via Accounting System Manager > Settings > Accounting Periods > Maintain Accounting Periods. As part of this process you should reconcile your debtor & creditor controls accounts as well as producing period end reports.
  • Check the integrity of account balances by running the Balance Ledger/Verify Data routine in Accounting System Manager. We would suggest taking a separate back-up before running this.
  • Ensure all nominal period end tasks have been carried out, up to the final period.
  • Run the year-end Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheet reports.
  • Run a year-end Aged Debtors & Aged Creditor report.
  • Run a transaction report for the entire year (Nominal Ledger > Reports > Account Analysis > Transaction Listing >Current and set Accounting Period to Between Period 1 & 12).
  • Run any other nominal ledger reports you may require, such as the Deferred Postings list.
  • Take a final back-up.
Running the Year-End Routine
  • Open Nominal Ledger > Period End Routines > Year End.
  • Confirm all reports have been printed off by selecting the confirmation tick-boxes.
  • Tick the Remove all nominal transactions associated with Profit & Loss accounts – this will move all prior year transactions to the archive file.
  • Click OK to proceed.  

After Running the Year-End Routine

  • Open your Accounting Periods for your new year.
  • Run Account Maintenance via Nominal Ledger > Period End Routines > Account Maintenance. This will archive or remove previous years transactions and update the brought forward balance on your accounts. If you do not run Account maintenance, the brought forward balance on your account will be updated the first time you run the Balance Ledgers/Verify Data routine in the year.
  • Run an opening Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheet report.

By following each of these steps the company should successfully run the year-end routine. If you have any further queries about running a year-end routine, then please do not hesitate to drop our Sage Support team an email and we will be happy to help. Please note that the locations of certain functions may be different than listed above as different versions of Sage could have separate menu structures etc.

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