How to set up remote working for Sage 200

How to set up remote working for Sage 200

in Sage March 18, 2020

To set up and use Sage 200 remotely there are two options:

1- Take a spare laptop home and use this to RDP (Remote Desktop Connection), using VPN if necessary, to your main business PC / laptop (which you’ll need to keep connected and switched on at work).

2- Set up a Remote Desktop Server (RDS) and install Sage 200 & Microsoft Office for each users’ profile. Note that this option will likely incur significant cost if you don’t already have an RDS server – likely requiring creation of a new virtual server, purchase of RDS licences, plus possibly upgrading Office 365 licences.

N.B. Taking your laptop home that has Sage 200 client installed on it and using a VPN to connect to the network is not supported. This will cause database timeouts and in turn can cause data corruption.

If the end user is printing off invoices to send out these will print off to the office printer. Therefore it would be prudent to make sure you have an email address for all customers and suppliers.

If TMS is your IT provider contact our IT support team on 01324 550 760 otherwise please contact your IT provider directly and they will advise which is the most appropriate solution for your business.  

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