in SolidWorks November 1, 2017

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As Engineers we’re known to be somewhat protective of our CAD files. SOLIDWORKS PDM appreciates this bond; it’s life mission is to keep them safe and organised after all but what happens when a well intending colleague makes a change that just shouldn’t have been made and overwrites the original.

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in SolidWorks September 20, 2017

Feeling Stressed

Feeling stressed about product development? Well, put the brakes on those feelings because SOLIDWORKS Simulation is here to save the day …or at least make it a little more predictable.

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We host a wide range of events throughout Scotland.

The training courses are held in our offices in Larbert & Aberdeen, but can be on-site at your own premises if preferred.

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SOLIDWORKS Seminar - Stress Your Design, Not Yourself - SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION Workshop

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